Method Acompañarte “Love to Heal”

22 Mar 2019
11:00 am

Method Acompañarte “Love to Heal”

Rediscovering our Essence as Therapists with the Acompañarte Methodology

The Acompañarte Methodology is a therapeutic method, created based on therapeutic experiences with different children and adults in different countries under different geographical, cultural, etc. circumstances. This methodology seeks to generate awareness and revalue the true essence of a therapist as well as seeks to train in the development of creative processes through art and its therapeutic and educational application.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the proposal of the Method Acompañarte and its application for the training of therapists as well as its implementation in the therapeutic processes with children and adults, from a holistic approach based on the creative processes of the Art

  • Creative Process and the essence of Art therapy: Identify its bases for its development and its influence in the training of therapists.

  • Identify and develop the five essential qualities of a therapist through to the Acompañarte Method