Emotional Intelligence, The Game Changer

25 Feb 2020
10:05 am

Emotional Intelligence, The Game Changer


The World Economic Forum has predicted that emotional intelligence (EI) will become one of the top 10 job skills by 2020. A long – term study showed that 90% of top performers at work are high in emotional intelligence. Many organizations, recognizing the importance of EI, are looking for people high in it when hiring and increasing it in their current staff. The great news is that unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be increased at any age and point in our lives.

We are well aware that our future will be shaped by technology, which will bring major disruptions to the workplace. The fast pace of technological change is making it very difficult to plan for a future in which careers and job descriptions are in major flux. What does this mean for human resources professionals? How can they prepare themselves for a future in which the only certainty is increasing disruption and accelerated pace of change? With technology increasingly taking over aspects of our work and lives the need for emotional intelligence is becoming greater. The area that is safest from being replaced by technology is that requiring high level people skills, or emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives

  1. A basic understanding of the development of emotional intelligence

  2. Understanding the basics of emotional intelligence

  3. A basic understanding of how to use emotional intelligence in real life

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